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Our "Ugly Box" Promise.

Plastic and other forms of packaging are an unavoidable issue for businesses in the modern world, and while there are so many ways to have your own customer packaging made from "recycled materials" we at JEB Supplies LTD don't believe this is the right way to go. Whatever the size of your order from us it will come to you in clean, repurposed packaging sourced from the materials our goods arrive in from the suppliers and manufacturers, as we believe that while recycling is an important part of the world's strategy to clean up its environmental act, it makes no sense to recycle a perfectly serviceable box in order to make MORE boxes that have "made from recycled materials" written on them.

It may sound hard to believe, but with the exception of tape and envelopes, we have not purchased a single piece of packing material in years. Nor do we plan to.

Due to the physical and performance characteristics of certain polymers you will probably always find plastic among our stock whether as part of a bearing surface or the sleeving for a length of intumescent strip, but where we have any ability to control its use we clamp down as hard as possible, including asking manufacturers and suppliers to stop using products such as plastic clamshell packaging, and pointless layers of film wrapping that serve little to no practical purpsoe, can't be recycled, and can't even feasibly be reused. It is our belief that if businesses operate in this way it would have a huge, positive influence on the amount of plastic waste in the world, not to mention those all important carbon footprints.

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